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  • Control and reduce costs, provide accountability and organization for your company's business travel program.  

  • Let's get together and talk about your  employee travel. There is no fee for our initial consultation.  

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CEO's & Presidents
Does your company have a travel policy?  Today's business environment requires spending company money smartly and responsibly.  A managed travel program provides business optimization in an area often overlooked by many.  Corporate Travel Consulting works only on your behalf.   We are completely independent of any travel agency, airline, hotel, car rental agency or technology company. This provides you with an unbiased expert resource who only represents your best interests. We work with whoever manages/books your company travel from your admin assistant to your Sr. Vice President.

Do you have the time to be concerned about your company travel should!  CTC can show you how easily your company an reduce many of your company's business travel expenses while increasing control and accountability.  With a managed travel program, savings to the bottom line are common.  

Procurement & Purchasing Departments
In today's business environment, the purchasing and procurement departments find their resources are stretched to the limit.  CTC helps relieve the pressure by assisting or developing a managed travel program that includes negotiation of special discounted rates and plans with all the travel providers.  Let us be your extra set of hands and let us do the heavy lifting! 
Human Resources & Training Departments 
Most companies have someone who "takes care of" the travel arrangements for the company. CTC works with that person to build a solid travel program that they still can manage - but with the guidance and help of CTC .  CTC can provide on-site training regarding your company travel policy, policy compliance, training on self-booking tools, safety, and other educational business seminars and clinics.  Working with you and tailoring the messages to fit your company culture.  Do you have off-site meetings?  These programs can be full of unwarranted expenses lurking to trap company dollars - we can help! 

Legal Departments
Now days, safety and security and duty of care for employees is critical.  CTC can assist with the special and unique needs when it comes to domestic or international business travel - from safety and security seminars and clinics to the latest passport/visa requirements.  Have you put enough time and effort for duty of care for your employees?

Are you the person currently responsible for business travel
CTC is not after your job!  Our mission is to support you and work with you to improve your current travel program.  Business travel has become very specialized and not everyone can be an expert in that field, especially if you have other duties to focus on.  You can help reduce company expenses and improve accountability that will make you more valuable to the company.  Let me help you be even more valuable to your company.

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Don Draves, GLP
 President & Owner